The Pass

So here is the official Maine Beer Trail Pass from the Maine Brewers Guild. Basically every brewery I go to I will receive a stamp or something that says I was there. My goal is to get this all stamped by the end of 2015. There are 45 on this list. Some I’ve been to already, but am more than willing to make the sacrifice to visit again. Some of the towns listed on here I’ve never heard of or been to (The Forks???). But this just reinforces my opinion that this is a great resolution by forcing me to go places in Maine I never would have gone to before.

My plan is to save the coastal ones for this Summer so I can explore the coast during the most beautiful time of year. The western ones I will save for the fall so I can see the foliage and what not. And all these other ones I will fit in here and there. Interestingly, not one brewery in the County or north of Orono.

My first brewery visit planned is The Liberal Cup in Hallowell. A place I’ve never been to and will be joined by a couple of friends there. Another advantage to this quest is that I’ll be able to visit friends who live all over the state on my journey.

Can’t wait to get started!


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