Orono Brewing Company. (Off the beaten Beer Trail)

I did not venture very far this weekend as apartment improvements and football watching took precedence. However, I did make it to a brand-spanking new brewery in Orono that I’ve been dying to try, the Orono Brewing Company. This brewery is located in the old Dr. Records space and what a nice place it is. As Madonna once sang in “Like a Virgin”, this virgin brewery is all “shiny and new”! I LOVE the copper bar! So nice to see a beer atmosphere that isn’t overloaded with knotty pine. There was a great article about this brewery in the Maine Edge this past week. For more information on the owners, brewer, etc. click here.

IMG_1533 IMG_1534

The space is very intimate. There is a limited food menu, but if the food I saw is any indication, it is definitely quality vs. quantity. Someone ordered a mac & cheese that I wanted to slather myself in. But for now, the beers!


Left to Right:

White Nitro Cream Ale, AOK Kolsch, Lightning Tree IPA, Lightning Tree IPA 2.0, Excursion Oaked Stout


White Nitro Cream Ale (5% ABV) – When I was little, I used to try to sweet-talk people into getting what I wanted by cuddling with them and describing them as smooth & creamy. Why? I have no idea to this day. I must have heard those adjectives used in a peanut butter commercial and thought it must be a positive thing to be smooth & creamy. That is how I would describe this beer. Surprisingly, smooth & creamy.

AOK Kolsch (4.7% ABV) – Sorry no individual picture (still getting used to blogging while I drink). It is the second one on my flight. I would describe this as a “football beer”. Meaning, if my only goal for the day is to park my butt on the couch and watch 8 hours of football and drink an easy-going, light beer, this would be my go-to.


Lightning Tree IPA (6.3% ABV) – The description on the menu is exactly what I tasted, pine and citrus. But neither was overpowering, which is nice. It was not overly bitter (pine-y) and not overly citrus-y. I tasted grapefruit, but I could be wrong.


Lightning Tree IPA 2.0  (didn’t get the ABV) – Similar to the LT IPA but maybe more….coppery…if that’s a term? Something a bit sweeter and smoother.


Excursion Oaked Stout (again, didn’t get the ABV) – Old Rip Van Winkle Bourbon oaked. This was my flavorite! Rich. So rich and a nice, but not overpowering, sweetness of bourbon. I wanted a growler of this, but Julia (my very friendly and knowledgeable beer-ista) informed me they don’t fill growlers of this because it’s a specialty, small-batch beer. Definitely worth going there and checking out for yourself. And if you’re reading this, Hi Julia! Thanks for the great service!

So, I got a growler of this…


Excursion Stout (4.2 ABV) – Dry Irish Oatmeal Stout. Smooth, full-flavored and I’m enjoying it on a cold January night while I write this thing.

OBC is not on the Beer Trail Pass yet, but I should receive extra points for including it. Regardless, Julia gave me my “stamp”.


I would rate this a 4 on my 1 to 5 growler scale. Which means, go there and check it out!!!!!


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