Pit Stop

This weekend proved too busy for a trip on the trail, work obligations and playoff football are occupying my time. But I want to write something each week to keep my momentum going. And besides, just because I’m taking a weekend off the trail doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying some delicious craft beer that I’d like to share.

I stopped by my local favorite beer purveyor, Hogan Road Deli, to peruse the selection. This place seriously needs a registry because I could make a serious list of what I want for my birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Tuesday. Basically, I love this place. This week I picked up a brew I’ve never tried from one of my favorite breweries, that just happens to be a local one, and one of my favorites, Marshall Wharf.


Phil Brown Ale is 6.3% ABV. Caramel, nutty and smokey flavor. Went perfectly with the oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie I just enjoyed. MW has never disappointed me.

This week I will be going to a beer dinner at Blaze in Bangor. I’m really excited about it! The menu will be all different kinds of sliders paired with beers from the Maine Beer Company. I will be sure to write a post about it. And next Sunday I’ll be headed to Baxter Brewing in Lewiston for a special event they are putting on there, which should be fun to do and fun to read about.

Now I’m ready for a lazy Sunday enjoying great beer and, hopefully, some great football. Go Pats!


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