Andrew’s Brewing Co. & Rock Harbor

About 3 months out of the year, us Mainers experience the whole reason we live here, Summer. The rest of the 9 months is spent pretty much like Jack Nicholson in the Shining, but for that quarter of the year, it’s really great to live here! Case in point, taking a trip to the midcoast to visit some breweries and have some of the best seafood in the world. First stop, Andrew’s Brewing Company in Lincolnville.


IMG_2292 IMG_2285

Andrew’s Brewing Company is operated by Andy Hazen and has been brewing commercially since 1992. In fact, Andrew’s is one of the original 5 craft brewing companies in Maine. The beer is straight-up, solid versions of what their styles are. Last year, they expanded a brewpub in the Lobster Pound in Lincolnville. The bar is beautiful! It’s a finished thick wood that fit in with the rest of the restaurant.



Golden Ale – 4.1% ABV

This picture is Summer in Maine as far as I am concerned. The beer was just as good as the lobster roll. Light, and unmessed around with. Just a solid, crisp and slightly hoppy brew.


IPA – 5.6% ABV

Straightforward IPA. Not as bitter as some other IPA’s. And I tasted a bit of sweetness to it as well.


English Red Ale – 6.5%

This one was my favorite. Malty and a toffee-flavor, which was a perfect lead-in to….


Scottish Ale 5.8 % ABV

So, the bartender was awesome. He was able to talk about the beers, we chatted about what beers we liked and my beer trail resolution. And, he convinced me to get the strawberry pie and I think I convinced him to get into Scottish beers. Nothing goes better with dessert than a Scottish beer in my opinion. I’ve been really getting into Scottish-styles lately and this was a tasty one. As was the pie.

I also picked up a 6-pack of their English Pale Ale in the gift shop to enjoy at home.


Oh, and the view outside isn’t too shabby either.


Next stop!


IMG_2302 IMG_2304

Rock Harbor Brewery is located on the main drag through Rockland and is a nice, typical brewpub atmosphere. It was started in 2011 by Dan Pease and his goal to make a decent brewpub with solid craft beers is pretty straightforward.



Breakwater Wheat – 4.9% ABV

Brewed with orange and coriander. I’ll be honest, the first thought I had was Allagash White. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Not too citrusy. Summer in a glass.


Beacon IPA – 5.5% ABV

I found it quite fruity and pine-y.


Rogue Wave Double IPA – 9% ABV

Double IPA’s…mmmmm…. Now for people that don’t like IPA’s because they find them too “bittah”, don’t let that scare you. I find Double IPA’s to be smooth and slightly sugary. This was a good example of that. This was my favorite out of the flight. Don’t let the higher alcohol content scare you either, just…tread lightly…


CopperHouse ESB – 6% ABV

English Style Bitter. But not much bitter. Caramel, nuts and malt.

So this is not a beer, but I just want to give a shout-out to one of my other favorite stops on the mid-coast. Which is the Park Street Grille where I get a watermelon margarita on occasion. Salud!



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