Lubec Brewing Co. The Most East You Can Go. Evah.

This brewery I was the most worried about. Not because of the beer, but because of the drive. Lubec is a drive. And I had seen on another beer blogger’s site that they had gone there within the hours that were posted on their Facebook page and when they got there the brewery was closed. So, last weekend I was staying at a friend’s house in Harrington and we were going to Lubec anyway so I took a chance. I did message them on their Facebook page prior to making the trip. No response. And I did call that morning of the trip. No answer. I guess they’re just not into me. But, as luck would have it….they were open!!!!

IMG_0150 IMG_0160

But maybe it’s not me, it’s them. I think this brewery is pretty much like Lubec. They’re just kind of into their own thing. Lubec  is, to me, kind of a different coastal town than say Bar Harbor or Camden. There you feel very catered to. In Lubec you kind of feel like you’re on their turf. So get your things and get out. Does that sound rude? Because the people aren’t, they’re just very…coastal New England. Anyway, enough on my feelings about Lubec. Let’s talk about the beer.



Quoddy Red Head – 5.6 % ABV

I love a red head! This first one was probably also my favorite. All of these beers are pretty straight forward representations of their styles. So going light on the descriptors. Caramel and slight spice. What you expect from a good red.


Water Street Ale – 4.8% ABV

Classic, light German Ale.


Day’s First Light – 4.5% ABV

English Style Bitter. But not too bittah, for me…


Smuggler’s Treat Pale Ale – 6.2% ABV

I can say I was there when it was named! They didn’t have a name for it when they poured it, so the beerista called it Gayle’s Pale Ale. Because her name is Gayle. Then it became Smuggler’s Treat. This one had a good taste and nice bite to it.


Lubec Gold Swindle – 4.8%

Golden Ale. A nice summer beverage.

This brewery is new. Like, only open a couple months new. I would say if you’re in Lubec, stop in! If you’re going there specifically to visit this brewery…call first. And if they don’t answer, maybe call another shop in town and see if they know if they’re open.


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