Rising Tide & Liquid Riot (or the brewery formerly known as In’finiti Fermentation and Distillation)

Before a concert at the State Theater’s great new venue on Thompson’s Point recently, I stopped at Rising Tide Brewing Co. and Liquid Riot. One I had heard of before but had never tried and one I had never heard of or tried but NEED to go back!

IMG_2658 IMG_2659 IMG_2661

Rising Tide was founded in 2010 in Portland by Portland native Nathan Sanborn. He does the brewing concepts, recipes, etc. His wife, Heather Sanborn runs the business end of it. In 5 years they’ve expanded to selling their beer throughout New England and have been awarded Small Business of the Year by the Portland Development Corp. And it is pretty darned good beer.


Spinnaker – 4.5% ABV

Hefeweizen. Luckily for me and my lazy blogging lately, Rising Tide includes descriptions of all the beer I tried. So just click on the above link. The only thing I’ll add to this, is I tasted bananas. This is not the first beer that has tasted like bananas to me. And I like them.


Maine Island Trail Ale – 4.3% ABV

If you’re not a fan of “bittah beeahs” then skip this. Very hoppy and lemon-y.


Zephyr – 7.2% ABV

IPA. I found it quite smooth and sweet. That’s exactly how I like my IPA’s.


Ishmael – 4.9% ABV

Copper Ale. A red ale, but I found it quite milder than other reds.


IMG_2662 IMG_2663


First thing I’ll tell you about Liquid Riot is that they have their own parking. So you don’t need to search for a spot in the Old Port. So, there’s that. Secondly, it’s awesome! I’m having a hard time finding information about the owners, but I do know that they own an great beer bar in Portland, Novare Res Bier Cafe.



Albino Stout Nitro- 5.5% ABV 14 Plato

Wait, what? A couple of things here. This is a stout. It’s not dark as a moonless night. I was wondering if this was going to be like Crystal Pepsi, but it tastes like a stout. It’s light colored because of the way the cocoa is distilled and extracted, blah, blah, blah, what the hell is “Plato”? Plato is another complicated science term that deals with the density of beer, essentially, as my non-scientific brain comprehends it.


Dub’stash – 8% ABV 17 Plato

Hoppier than other Double IPA’s I enjoy. But solid.


Kinderbock – 2.5% ABV 8.3 Plato

I’ve never had a kinderbock before so I crossed it off my beer bucket list. As you can see by the small ABV it is very light and pine-y, but still flavorful.


The Brass – 4.7% ABV 12 Plato

Amber style. Fruity.

3 reasons I will be coming back here:

The view.

The view.

This burger was amazing!

This burger was amazing!

And not pictured, they make their own whiskey!!!!! I’m in love.


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